Boat Home Umbrella


Homeowners Insurance is Broad protection package policy that typically covers the insured and his or her spouse, children, resident relatives and certain other persons under the age of 21 (living in the same household) against fire, personal liability exposure and other Perils.

Home sweet home and for many of us, our house is our greatest material asset. Most homeowners purchase insurance at the same time as they buy a home and then life goes on. Homeowner’s insurance policies have some nuances, however that merit periodic attention. As part of your insurance needs, we recommend you verify how your homeowners limits are meeting your needs in these areas : coverage limits, personal property, personal liability, exclusions-limitations as well as discounts and credits.

We also provide coverage options for mobile homes, dwelling fire and inland marine.

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Boat and watercraft coverage under a homeowner’s policy is very limited. Watercraft personal property coverage may be limited to $1000, while personal liability coverage is restricted to primarily non motorized types of watercraft. If you own a motorized boat or sailboat over 26’ you most likely should have a separate watercraft policy.


Umbrella Insurance provides broad insurance beyond traditional home and auto. It provides additional liability coverage above the limits of homeowners’, auto and boat insurance policies. It can also provide for claims that may be excluded by the primary policy. A personal umbrella policy is a very important part of an overall protection plan for a family. It protects the family “assets” from large monetary losses that can result from 3rd party liability, auto accidents and property losses. We recommend that a family with small children, children that drive and those that have sons/daughters away from home have an Umbrella Policy to help mitigate large monetary losses that may occur from the activity of Children.

It will be our pleasure to work with you on your specific homeowner, watercraft or personal umbrella needs, at any time.